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2014-10-17 16.46.22KC Music is a full-service, one-stop-shopping music store offering Kansas City’s Northland everything it needs in the way of…well…MUSIC!!!

  • Instruments
  • School Instruments
  • Lessons
  • Repair Service
  • Custom Sound Installation
  • PA Rental
  • Delivery
  • Set-up

We are proud to offer reliable and well-known brand names like Roland, Ampeg, Tama, Luna, Shure, Mackie, Behringer, Ernie Ball, Dunlop, Dean Markley, Bugera, Gibson, Fender, Martin, Audio-Technica, Mooer, BOSS, Egnater, Mapex, Ddrum, Korg, Casio, Snark, TC Electronic, Dean, EAW, On-Stage, String Swing, Dr. J, Zildjian, Orange, HEAROS, Austin, Pickboy, Presonus, Hohner, Vater, Vic Firth, Kala, Bushman, SLM, Stagg, Dixon, Ibanez, Senheiser and MANY MORE.

Our school instrument department is unique in offering sales and rental of both new and used instruments. We can generally beat the dickens out of other guy’s price, we offer friendly service and we care for kids in a big way – give us a shot!!!

Lessons – second to none! They are so good that they have their own page on this website!

KC Music has amazing, affordable and reliable repair services. Our local technicians and luthiers are the best in the region (world?). We can repair guitars and most wooden stringed instruments, instrument amplifiers, PA’s, keyboards, drums, electronics and so on. School instrument repair is sent to Veritas, our school instrument provider. No long waits, no surprise charges – we aim to please!

Need a public address system (PA) at your home, church, school, ARENA? We can do it all – BIG and small! Permanent, portable, flown, mounted – we’d love to delight you with an amazing and long-warrantied sound system designed especially for your needs!!!

We also offer PA rental – small systems up to GIANT SYSTEMS!!!

KC Music also offers local delivery and set-up. A brand new drum set is much more fun when “Our Man Tim” sets it up and tunes the heads for you. A sweet new PA system sounds light-years better the if “Magic Mark” hooks it up for you (and with you!).

If we can make your life a bit easier and bring your instrument and/or gear back to life – we gladly will!